Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN™ Extremely Smooth Grades

TORAYFAN™ extremely smooth grades are OPP films, produced under top-class process and quality control. They have an extremely smooth surface and controlled FE (fish-eye defects).

By using clean raw materials and controlling film production conditions, foreign matter in the film is reduced, making it possible to manufacture highly transparent OPP film.
Uneven film thickness in the widthwise direction is controlled, and the occurrence of MD (record) wrinkles is suppressed for an excellent appearance when wound.
Good handleability is achieved without the use of particles.
Film is produced in a cleaner environment than general-purpose TORAYFAN™. This minimizes contamination such as environmental dust.


Our focus on improving surface smoothness has resulted in excellent achievements in that field. Transfer to various materials is suppressed.
Low FE
By producing the film in a clean environment, contamination by foreign matter such as environmental dust is minimized.
A highly transparent film that uses clean raw materials and reduces the amount of foreign matter contaminating the film by controlling the film production conditions.
[Features equivalent to other general-purpose OPP films]
  • Toughness: Tough film suitable for industrial materials thanks to its high tensile strength in both the vertical and horizontal directions due to its biaxial orientation.
  • Moisture resistance: Not affected by moisture as water vapor permeability is extremely low, making it difficult for the film to absorb moisture.
  • Easy release: The untreated surface displays the easy release characteristics of polypropylene.
  • Electrical characteristics: High insulation resistance and few insulation defects make it suitable for applications requiring a high level of reliability.
    Low dissipation factor suitable for high precision circuits and AC use.
  • Light permeability: OPP films have excellent UV transparency and are used in various applications.

Application Examples

Cover films
Si-free separators
Various adhesive base materials

Extremely Smooth Transparency Grades List