Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN™ Print Lamination Grades for Adhesive Lamination

TORAYFAN™ print lamination grades for adhesive lamination are OPP films with excellent transparency, processability, and anti-static properties. They are mainly used for adhering to paper.

Tough anti-static film with additives that can be in-line corona treated on both sides.
It is used for various purposes, including in publishing, commercial printing, shopping bags, window films for paper containers, etc.


Film that gives high gloss to paper prints, etc., and features excellent scratch resistance and blocking properties.
Since launching in 1978, it has become the standard OOP matt film. The advanced matt tone gives a subdued and sophisticated surface appearance.
Sack application
Toray's proprietary technology allows for excellent adhesion on film surfaces, for a film that makes it possible to use quick-drying, mechanical adherence type adhesives for sack application.
  • S648 can be used for frozen foods and desserts, but at low temperatures the adhesive strength may deteriorate due to the paper quality, contents (weight, shape), package shape, etc. Prior confirmation is recommended when using at low temperatures.
  • For adhesives for sack application, we recommend "Saibinol" PZ-804 (SAIDEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.), or "LIFE BOND" AV-650Y-4, Y-6(NICHIEI KAKOH CO., LTD.).

Application Examples

Publishing, commercial printing
  • Various publications, books, covers for textbooks, etc.
  • Paper bags such as shopping bags, etc.
  • CDs, DVDs
  • Cosmetics boxes
  • Paper containers for household goods, etc.

Anti-static Grades (For Adhesive Lamination) List