Polyester FilmLumirror™

Polyester Film Lumirror™

Lumirror™ has an excellent balance of properties which cannot be found in other films, such as mechanical strength, electrical properties, high & low temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

Lumirror™ is a biaxially oriented polyester film, first produced on an industrial scale in Japan by Toray. It is used worldwide in a variety of applications ranging from electronics to packaging, magnetic and industrial specialties.

Lumirror Correlation Diagram

Lumirror Correlation Diagram

Lumirror™ Grades Comparison

Color comparison for Standard Grades (clockwise from the top: "S10", "X10S", "T60", "H10")

Light shielding comparison for the Light Shielding White Grade (top: our standard product, bottom: Light Shielding White Grade)

Matt tone comparison for Compounded Matt Grades (top: our standard product, bottom: Compounded Matt Grade)

Lumirror™ Grade Details