Para-aramid Filmmictron™

Para-aramid Film mictron™

mictron™ is para-aromatic polyamide (aramid) film, first developed by Toray.

mictron™ has the highest modulus of elasticity of any film on the market, and thermal insulation close to polyimide. Furthermore, it is a film with properties useful as industrial materials, such as surface smoothness, low hygroscopicity, gas barrier properties, and chemical resistance.

mictron™ (smooth surface)

mictron™ (coarse surface)

Polyimide (smooth surface)

Polyimide (coarse surface)


  • Surface smoothness
  • Thin with high stiffness
  • Gas barrier properties
  • High heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low hygroscopicity

Application Examples

  • Magnetic recording media
  • Circuit boards
  • Vibration plates
  • Adhesive tape
  • Packaging material
  • Easy release film
  • Winding insulation coating

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