Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN™ Separator-less Self-adhesive Film

TORAYFAN™ adhesive films are separator-less adhesive films with low adhesion strength, thanks to their extremely smooth surface and low-defect base film.

Extreme smoothness and FE successfully reduced to the minimal level.
Surface design development has made possible a surface shape that eliminates the need for a separator.
Using the highest quality OPP film "TORAYFAN™" as a base, with its low FE and high level of smoothness, minimizes the influence of the film on the adherend.


A slightly adhesive film that does not require a separator and uses OPP film as a base.
Uses OPP film as a base, which has particularly excellent smoothness, suppressing transfer to various other materials.
Clean processing allows us to meet the high quality requirements of customers.

Application Examples

Protective film