Stretchable FilmREACTIS™

Stretchable Film REACTIS™

REACTIS™ have both easy stretch and excellent recovery characteristics.

REACTIS™ is developed by utilizing unique polymer design and film manufacturing technology to achieve the unique characteristics of outstanding soft and recovery after deformation by stretching. The film also maintains the stretch and recovery characteristics from low to high temperature range. Moreover, the film surface can be processed to match numerous applications as it has high temperature resistance, printability (adhesion) and enables optimum surface design.



  • Thickness of stretchable film : 30~100um.Pleas contact us about different thicknesses.


Recovery after stretching

REACTIS™ maintains recovery characteristics even after stretching.

Test method

  Recovery rate
Thermoplastic polyurethane 92%


  • All the data are not guaranteed and are provided for reference only.


The film has low size change ratio with heat condition, it can be processed to match heat process.

Appearance change(after 200℃ 5 min heated)

Print properties

Surface design of REACTIS™ can be optimized to match with required printing such as screen or inkjet printing.

Print example

Stretchable silver paste
(Screen printing)


  • Display material
  • Sensor material
  • Automotive material
  • Wearable device material
  • Actuator material
  • Cabinet material
  • tape substrate
  • Shock absorber material
  • Manufacturing process material
  • Biocompatibility unconfirmed

General property

Standard type Surface modification type
Thickness μm 50 100 50 100
Mechanical properties Young’s modulus GPa 0.003 0.003 0.003 0.003
Stress (100% strain) MPa 1.8 2.0 2.0 1.8
Elongation at break % 400 400 400 400
Tensile strength MPa 12 12 12 12
Recovery rate (100% stretch) 97 97 97 94
Optical properties Transmittance*1 93 93 89 89
Haze*2 % 0.7 1.5 95 95
Surface properties Roughness*3 Sa nm 8 N/A 600 N/A
Other properties WVTR*4
g/m2/24h 1,810 1,100 N/A N/A
  • *1 JIS K7361-1(1997)
  • *2 JIS K7136(2000)
  • *3 ISO 25178-2:2012
  • *4 JIS Z0208(1976)
  • All the data are not guaranteed and are provided for reference only.
  • This is the data measured for stretchable film without protect film.
  • This document include the information of prototype.
    The type name or properties may change without notice.