UL Standards

What are UL Standards?

UL are voluntary standards by the private US organization, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (http://www.ul.com/). They are public safety standards for electrical products, etc., in the United States. They are well regarded and well established standards, as in the US, electrical products without a UL standard are not handled, and are not covered by insurance companies in the event of an accident. As a result, UL standards are proof of safety and represent global safety standards.
Among these various standards, UL94 certifies the degree of a materials flame retardancy, while UL746B certifies heat resistance.
Today, PET and other film products are widely used in household electrical appliances, office equipment, etc. As the safety regulations for these products become more stringent, certification for flame retardancy, heat resistance, etc., are becoming required for films as well.
In response, Toray has obtained UL standards for the items requiring certification, such as Lumirror™ PET film and Torelina™ polyphenylene sulfide film.

Outline of UL Standards Acquired

Material Toray General Product Name Thickness
Flame Retardancy Certification
(UL 94)
Heat Resistance Certification (UL746B)
Mechanical Electrical
PET Film Lumirror™ general transparent types
(S10, T60, H10, etc.)
38 to 210 VTM-2 105°C 105°C
Other - 105°C 105°C
Lumirror™ E20 38 to 75 VTM-2 105°C 105°C
Other - 105°C 105°C
Polyphenylene Sulfide Film Torelina™ 25 to 175 VTM-0 160°C 200°C
250 to 350 V-0 160°C 200°C
Aramid Film mictron™ 2 to 12 VTM-0 - -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the UL position of Lumirror™?
A. Please refer to the above list.
For other types, please feel free to contact us.
Q. What is the UL position of Torelina™ and mictron™?
A. Please refer to the above list.
Q. Has Lumirror™ with a thickness of 25 μm or thinner, or 250 μm or thicker, obtained VTM-2?
A. Lumirror™ with a thickness of 25 μm or thinner, as well as with a thickness of 250 μm or thicker, have not obtained UL94 flame retardancy standards. UL746B long-term heat resistance standard has been obtained for general transparent types such as S10, T60, and H10 regardless of thickness.
Q. Are there any films that have acquired UL94VTM-0?
A. It has been acquired for all types of Torelina™ 25 μm or thicker.
Q. Has Lumirror™ X10S acquired UL standards?
A. X10S has acquired the UL746B long-term heat resistance standard Class B (130°C), but it has not acquired any flame retardancy standards. Acquisition is planned for the future.
Q. Are there any white type films that have acquired UL flame retardancy standards?
A. For white types, Lumirror™E20 at 38, 50, and 75 μm have obtained the UL94 VTM2 standard.