Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN™ Straight Cut Grades

TORAYFAN™ straight cut grades are OPP films that are easy to cut horizontally by hand.

In addition to being used for adhesive tape, it is also used as a packaging material for food products, etc.


Film that is difficult to damage and features excellent transparency and gloss.
Moisture resistance
Not affected by moisture as water vapor permeability is extremely low, making it difficult for the film to absorb moisture.
Easy release
The untreated surface displays the easy release characteristics of polypropylene.
Light permeability
OPP films have excellent UV transparency and are used in various applications.
Easily tear by hand
Can be cleanly torn by hand in just the horizontal direction. (Making a notch is recommended for laminated products.)
Excellent processability for printing, laminating, etc.

Application Examples

Packaging material applications
Packaging for dried bonito, confectioneries, etc.
Various adhesive tapes

Straight Cut Grades List