Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN™ Standard Grades

TORAYFAN™ is bi-axially oriented PP film that is the lightest among plastic films (specific gravity 0.91). TORAYFAN™ standard grades are high-performance films with excellent transparency, toughness, and easy release properties.

An extremely smooth film with a composition featuring minimal additives. It is widely used for industrial applications, such as for easy release, protection, paper used in the manufacturing process, etc.


Tough film suitable for industrial materials thanks to its high tensile strength in both the vertical and horizontal directions due to its biaxial orientation.
Extremely smooth film with a composition featuring minimal additives.
Film that is difficult to damage and features excellent transparency and gloss.
Moisture resistance
Not affected by moisture as water vapor permeability is extremely low, making it difficult for the film to absorb moisture.
Easy release
The untreated surface displays the easy release characteristics of polypropylene.
Electrical characteristics
High insulation resistance and few insulation defects make it suitable for applications requiring a high level of reliability. Low dissipation factor suitable for high precision circuits and AC use.
Light permeability
OPP films have excellent UV transparency and are used in various applications.
Since the matt type has an untreated matt surface, it exhibits easy release properties. By transferring the matt surface, a subdued, sophisticated surface appearance can be achieved.

Application Examples

Easy release
  • Slightly adhesive easy release film
  • Easy release film for coating films
Protective film
  • Protective film for laminate processing
  • Hot press protective film
Lead film

Standard Grades List