Polyester Film Lumirror™Thin Grades

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Lumirror™ thin grades are PET films made by Toray's precise process control technologies.

Lumirror™ thin grades are PET films made using Toray's precise film-forming technologies. Ultra-thin PET films of 10 μm or thinner are also available.
Using thin film to save space contributes to improved battery capacities, product miniaturization, and higher integration and functionality in mobile devices, as well as higher sensitivity and lengthening of ink ribbon for printers.


  • Thickness variations (from 2 μm)
    *Please contact us if you have need for even thinner film requirements
  • Lower heat absorption and added coating layers are available in accordance with requirements
  • Surface characteristics (smooth/coarse), mechanical toughness control

Application Examples

Smartphones and tablets
Ultra-thin tape
Printers, barcodes, faxes
Thermal transfer ribbons

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