Polyester Film Lumirror™ Standard Grades

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Lumirror™ standard grades are widely used as industrial materials for their excellent mechanical strengths, electrical properties, and chemical resistance.

Lumirror™ is a biaxially oriented polyester (PET) film, first produced on an industrial scale in Japan by Toray. It is being used as an industrial material in a wide variety of applications thanks in part to its excellent toughness, electrical characteristics, and chemical resistance.
Low heat-absorption and anti-static treated products are also available.


  • Electrical insulation
  • Chemical resistance
  • Toughness

Color comparison for Standard Grades (clockwise from the top: "S10", "X10S", "T60", "H10")

Application Examples

Flexible print circuits / mold release / adhesive tape / membrane switches / mechanical parts

Standard Grades List