Olefin-based Release FilmDECOFIT™

Olefin-based Release Film DECOFIT™

A film with a unique polymer design that allows coating and drying processability as well as excellent formability when molding.

When used in a customer's manufacturing process, Toray's proprietary "NANOALLOY®" technology resists deformation even at coating and drying temperatures. It easily conforms to the shape of the adherend while molding, and peels off without hassle afterward.


Coating heat resistance
Dimensional stability preventing thermal deformation of the film when coating and drying
Excellently follows deep drawing (complex) shapes (1000% elongation)
Easy release
Can be easily peeled after molding transfer

Application Examples

Decorative applications (3D coating transfers)
  • Base film for automotive interior and exterior decorative films
  • Base film for smart device and home appliance decorative films
    • In the decorative field where a pattern or design is applied to the surface of resin, metal, etc., a low environmental load and high surface value are required. In place of conventional coating and plating techniques, focus is instead placed on decorating 3D designs using film.
      Among these techniques, the transfer method of peeling off the film after molding differs from the method of applying the film to the final product, and allows for designs with the same configuration as coating. One merit of the film application method, however, is that no trimming methods are necessary.