Polyester Film Lumirror™High Transparency (optical clear) Grades

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Lumirror™ high transparency (optical clear) grades are PET films with high transparency, low haze, and excellent smoothness thanks to their particle-free raw material design.

Lumirror™ high transparency grades feature an adhesive promotion coating that is the result of Toray's many years of film and polymer research, experience, and technology, giving the film excellent scratch and contamination control.
Thanks to these strengths, it is used in various applications, including for touch panels, window films, automobiles, and more.
We can offer the optimal grade for the application as well as customize the film to meet your needs, including adhesive promotion treated on both sides, adhesive promotion treated on one side, low oligomer grades, etc.

High Transparency (optical clear) Grades

General transparent products (with particles)


  • Particle-free design allows for high transmittance, low haze, and extreme smoothness
  • Low iridescence and excellent adhesive promotion
  • In-line low heat absorption available
  • Highly customizable adhesive promotion treatment
  • Thickness variations (available from 23 μm to 350 μm)
  • Excellent scratch and contamination control

Application Examples

Smartphones and tablets
  • Touch panel applications (ITO film, Ag-NW, proven performance in copper mesh sensors)
  • Decorative film applications (UV mold compatible)
  • Anti-shattering film (for OGS backing)
  • Aftermarket protective film
Notebook PCs / laptops
  • Touch panel applications (ITO film, Ag-NW, proven performance in copper mesh sensors)
  • Alternative cover glass
Flexible displays
  • For bending of terminals, glass is replaced with PET
  • Touch sensors changed from ITO to AgNw, copper mesh
Smart windows
  • Light shielding when energized
Automotive applications
  • Upsizing of inner panels (full screen), flexibility
  • Weather resistance (UV resistance is required)

High Transparency (Optical Clear) Grades List