Nano-multilayer FilmPICASUS™ IR

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Nano-multilayer film “PICASUS™” is a cutting-edge film consisted of approximately a thousand layers created by high precision nano-multilayer technology.
Toray has further enhanced this nano-multilayer technology to develop an innovative solar control film called “PICASUS™ IR”. The film has glass-like transparency and infrared ray blocking performance from the sun, which is a cause of temperature increase.

PICASUS™ Line up

Our unique nano-multilayer technology enables flexible selection of reflection wavelengths. Therefore, we have expanded our product lineup in order to include options such as PICASUS™ G for metallic luster and PICASUS™ IR for infrared ray reflection (solar control).

PICASUS™ IR concept

“PICASUS™ IR” is able to reflect infrared ray from sunlight while maintaining glass-like transparency. It also has excellent Electromagnetic wave Transmittance (EMI-free) that does not interfere with signal transmission of communication equipment.

PICASUS™ IR reflection feature

Furthermore, PICASUS™ IR with increased solar control performance is under development (Having wider range of infrared ray reflection).


Potential application of PICASUS™ IR is solar control for windows in automobiles and buildings.

Heat-Blocking Methods Comparison

PICASUS™ IR enables to achieve high solar control performance, good handling characteristics, and excellent Electromagnetic wave Transmittance if used as a base substrate.