Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Properties

(1) Dielectric Properties

The dielectric constant of Torelina™ is 3.0, and it is exceptionally stable for a wide range of temperature and frequency variations. Fig. E1 shows the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant in Torelina™.

Fig. E1 Dielectric Constant vs. Temperature

(2) Dissipation Factor

The dissipation factor (tan δ) of Torelina™ is exceptionally small, very close to that of polypropylene film, when its dielectric constant is taken into account. At temperatures below 120°C, the dissipation factor is very consistent over temperature or frequency variations. Fig.E2 shows the temperature dependence of the dissipation factor in Torelina™, and Fig.E4, its frequency dependence.

Fig. E2 Dissipation Factor vs. Temperature

Frequency Dependence

(1) Dielectric Constant

Fig. E3 Dielectric Constant vs. Frequency

(2) Dissipation Factor

Fig. E4 Dissipation Factor vs. Frequency

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