Winding Diameter / Weight Calculation

Winding Diameter Calculation

Fill in the information below. The approximate diameter of the film will be calculated.

Thickness (µm)
1 to 500
Length (× 1,000 m)
0.001 to 99.999
Core Size
Winding Diametermm
  • (Note 1) The value obtained from this calculation is an approximate value. The actual value may vary depending on winding conditions, etc.
  • (Note 2) When calculating the thickness, paper cores are 14 mm, and plastic cores are 8 mm.

Weight Calculation

The approximate weight of the film is calculated from the thickness and width.

Product Name
Thickness (µm)
1 to 500
Width (m)
0.001 to 9.999
(× 1,000 m)
0.001 to 99.999