Recycling of Film Packing Materials

The packaging and packing materials for our film products are designed with consideration of the various laws and regulations concerning PL, industrial waste, and recycling. We actively promote recycling.

List of Recovered Materials

These packaging materials are collected and recycled. We ask for your cooperation in ensuring they are processed properly.

Plastic Pallets



Iron Frames

Iron Frames

Plastic (FWP) Cores

Washers (Resin/Paper)

Reinforcement Plates (Plywood/MDF)

New Packaging Method Proposals

Toray proposes a new packaging format that is more environmentally friendly.
No paper dust, wood scraps, etc., are created, allowing us to comply with customer requests for reduced waste and cleanliness.

The environmentally friendly foam PP reinforcement plate + variable pallet roll transportation unit can of course be recycled and also contributes to reduced waste.



  • Durability required to withstand long-term use
  • Can be cleaned
  • Can be reprocessed and reused in the material cycle and as polypropylene resin

Waste Reduction and Cleanliness

  • Complies with waste reduction and cleanliness by eliminating the generation of paper dust, wood scraps, and iron powder


  • Variable roll width can be changed to meet the application.
  • Handling is improved by reducing the weight, increasing transportation/loading efficiency.